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Campbell Family : Tybee Island Family Photographer

This is the CAMPBELL family and they recently visited our little beautiful Tybee Island all the way from Ohio.  I had the pleasure of documenting some photos on the beach one afternoon and I had a blast.  Thank You everyone for being so awesome.


This “pointing” photo is an inside joke of the family’s.  I just documented it for FUN.


This is Mary Ann and Fran.  Thank you both for being so WONDERFUL.  You have an amazing family and I am so HAPPY we all connected.


Erika (+ baby #2) with Mark & Baby Joel . . .


The (hilarious) Jason & Meredith.


and Francis . . .


I just love these pics of Mary Ann, Fran and Baby Joel.  Baby Joel is famous for “squinting his eyes”…and it is so funny and so cute~!

TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_007 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_008 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_009 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_010 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_011 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_012 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_013 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_014 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_015 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_016 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_017 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_018 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_019 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_020


Mark & Erika are expecting another baby.  Congratulations you guys~!!


I love these next two pics of Baby Joel looking up…


TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_024 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_025 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_026

TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_027 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_028 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-M_Campbell_029Thank You CAMPBELL FAMILY for enduring the wind and the sand and SMILING the whole time.  Thank you for letting me be a part of your special memories on Tybee Island.  All my love and appreciation.

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