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Cypress House Wedding | Amanda + Shane | Key West Wedding Photographer

When Amanda first told me she had a non-traditional Blue Wedding Dress with a fishtail bottom…I honestly didn’t know what to think.  My mind went directly to thinking “Electric Blue with ruffles and a fishtail bottom” like at the Prom.  My eyes seriously got big and my forehead wrinkled in confusion.  But we talked for 30 minutes on the phone and from that simple conversation, I knew this was an intelligent & classy young lady.  I knew just from talking to her briefly, that she had a very sophisticated taste & style about her…so I trusted my gut, booked her and I got excited.  Waiting to see this dress was like a kid waiting for Christmas.  BUT it was soOoOooOOo very worth the wait.  When I pulled her amazing dress out of the garment bag, I simply *GASPED* & screamed a little in sheer delight.  I was completely and totally in awe of this gorgeous Pale Blue Lace Wedding Dress detailed with small irridescent pearls neatly placed around the lace areas….finishing touch was a Champagne Golden underlay peaking from underneath.  It was breathtaking.  I could feel my camera shaking from excitement.  Besides the fact my Bride & Groom were both GORGEOUS, I knew from her dress that they would also be FUN to photograph.  They did NOT disappoint.  Here are some of my favorites from Amanda & Shane’s Cypress House Key West Wedding.

Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0001 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0002 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0003 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0004


Here Shane waits at the bottom of the staircase for his First Look with Amanda.  I love how big he is already smiling.

Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0007 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0008 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0009

And this moment is worth it all.  The moment the groom tightens his lips and just tries to hold back getting all choked up.


Their wedding was at a historic boutique hotel called the Cypress House, here in Key West.  Per their website “The pine and cypress used in the 1800’s for construction did not require a protective coat of paint and the main house continues that tradition today.”  It is absolutely beautiful.


Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0012 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0013


I now pronounce you MAN & WIFE~!!!!!


You may KISS THE BRIDE . . . Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0016

Yay Amanda~!!!!! I love your sheer enthusiasm.


Stunning . . .


The Cypress House has these lush palm trees, tropical plants and greenery everywhere.  Top that off with a white picket fence and the scene is amazing.

Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0019 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0020 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0021

Jumping in the golf cart to hit some other locations . . .


The Key West Kapok Tree . . .


A quick photo at the Banyan Tree at the LightHouse Court Inn.

Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0024 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0025

AND lastly, my favorite place to shoot, Ft Zachary Taylor Beach.  As the sun was going down, it simply increased the glow Amanda already possessed.


One of my most FAVORITE shots of the day . . .

Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0027 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0028 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0029

Amanda was giddy and happy as Shane entertained her from the side.



I did get Amanda to give me a serious pose here and it too is one of my FAVORITES from the day.  So statuesque~! [stat-u-esque : (especially of a women) Attractively tall and dignified] Nailed it Amanda.


I just love the secret glance she is giving Shane here . . .


AND I love that she did walk in her 3 ” Heels on the beach.


Beautiful blue hydrangea bouquet with white roses.

Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0035 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0036

Shane . . . you definitely brought game yourself.  Looking sharp mister.

Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0037 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0038 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0039

Part of their back story includes them being high-school sweethearts.  Amanda incorporated their class rings into her bouquet.


At one point I had Amanda take off her shoes . . . but the beach area with coral was kinda rough, so we opted to put the shoes back on.


Shane was being a good husband already and helped Amanda with her heels.

Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0041 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0042



Thank You Amanda + Shane.  You guys truly looked amazing.


Another shot I love where Amanda wasn’t smiling.  love it so much.


And a shot of her Pale Blue Wedding Dress that I fell in love with.



Canon fire from a passing boat to congratulate the happy couple.  you are welcome~!


Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0047 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0050

Thank you Shane for being so great for photos.



The song “sharp dressed man” comes to mind . . .

Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0054 Key-West-Wedding-Photographer-AmandaShane-IMG_0055

We finished some photos by the palm trees at Ft Zachary.


The HAPPY couple watching their first sunset as man & wife . . .


Thank You Amanda and Shane.  You truly filled my heart with so much happiness and joy and excitement.  I had a blast with you guys.  I look forward to continuing our friendship and can’t wait to see what wonderful journeys life brings to you.  Wishing you both LoVe & LaUgHtEr & HaPpInEsS always . . . x o x o – c a s s

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