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Do you believe in fate? In chance meetings with your soul mate? Hummmm. If you believe, then you will love this next couple. Two people, both traveling, happen to meet in a restaurant on the east coast. An evening of intoxicating conversation leads to a date the following night. The date then leads to a relationship, which leads to falling in love and to top things off…a marriage proposal. Engaged for over a year now, their “chance” meeting has brought them a lot of wonderful memories and a bond that will certainly be a firm foundation for their marriage.

Denise, a navy contractor and Rick, a Test Pilot in the Navy are now living in California and are preparing for their amazing wedding in March. Looking back now, I’m sure that they understand the mysterious travel paths their lives took and how fate has led them here…

Sexy & Sultry…

This is one of my favorite shots of Rick…

Denise had spotted this art earlier and mentioned it to me. I knew exactly the piece she was talking about, I’ve been wanting to shoot in front of it for some time now. Lucky for me she was willing to trust my creative eye. These next two are both favorites. I love her laugh & smile (too cute) in this first shot, but the second shot is definitely an overall winner. Simply put…she is “fierce”!

Denise is a little shorter than Rick, but these babies put her right up there in his air. I gave her a definite two thumbs up & a snap for her choice of shoes. (sorry for the cheesy lingo, but it the best way to describe my thoughts…ha.ha.) I can’t wait to see what she has picked out for her wedding day.

I hope Rick doesn’t mind me sharing this photo. Denise suggested we make a quick stop by the bar so he could grab a whiskey shot. She said he was not a big fan of having his photograph taken and she just wanted him to relax & have fun. He quickly turned to smiles.

What a super cool fianceĀ“. Smart, Beautiful and already taking care of her man.

I wanted to get a few photos outside, even though the temperature had dropped to the chilly low 50’s. Denise was so wonderful to brave the breezy coolness in her strappy black dress. I love natural light and how beautiful the skin tones always look. Denise is absolutely glowing! Either from being so very happy or from being so very cold, but I think we’ll go with the “happy” factor.

I always love ending a BLOG post with one of my favorite shots. Denise & Rick…”Thank You” guys for trusting me with your most special day.

I’ll be posting the second part of our shoot later in the week, but wanted to share these photos for now.

*I absolutely LOVE doing “Engagement Shoots” and not just because they are always so much FUN. It is also a relaxing atmosphere to get to know my couples and I find it also helps me understand them better. As a bonus, it gives them a chance to get comfortable with me and my style of shooting. Spending time with them before their wedding allows me to see how they interact and how I can use this knowledge to get the best shots possible on their special day. I am planning to BLOG more about the topic of “Engagement Shoots” later in the month…

  • wranggler1981 - Cass,

    These are awesome!!! I know we have had our pictures taken and we are finished but I will continue to check back to see all your work.

    Later girl,


  • kymberli q. - Some great images here, Cassandra! Nice job. And what a great story. Not sure if they believe in God, but there is a book called “God Winks” – nothing is coincidence or fate in basically says – and I truly believe that’s how/why Al and I met too – he lived on the East Coast and I was here in sunny California.ReplyCancel

  • Mama - Angel, You continue to amaze me, excellent work & a very lovely couple, best wishes to them — God BlessReplyCancel

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