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Happy Birthday Mocha #8

8 AwEsOmE YEARS~!!!!! YAY.  8 years experiencing : morning wake-up kisses, snuggling, belly rubs, more kisses, chasing balls, new toys, chasing squirrels, chasing cats, chasing squirrels again, rides in the car, walks in the park, runs in the back yard, sitting on the swing, laying in my lap, great treats, traveling & long trips in the car, boo-boo’s, baths, teeth brushing, many meals together, vet visits, scary times, happy times & even sad times . . . barking at the mailman, laying on my desk, laying under my desk, staying by me for all nighters at work, always greeting me at the door, always watching from the window when I leave . . . AND lots of time spent in front of my camera!  There are sooooo many more memories that I can’t list them all.  But I have photos, lots and lots of photos to remember all the wonderful times so far. (insert Big Smile here.)

Ok, so here are a few photos of Mocha today as he turned 8.  It rained most all day, but I was able to grab a few photos.

I blogged once before about how Mocha’s doggie hair color has changed over the years.  And now it is getting more black in it.  No matter what color he is, he’s just simply beautiful.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy my lil’ buddy, Mocha~!!

  • Lesley Trapnell - OH MY GOODNESS!!! You have got to be kidding me…I just creeped through your blog to wayyy back and it just makes me so happy! You take the most gorgeous pictures, Ms. Cassandra! SO glad I got to shoot with you a while back! Looking at all these great pictures makes me wanna take more! Hehe, hope all is well!! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Yvonne H McDaniel - U have to admit that my little Angel is really, really handsome, Grandmudder loves U Mocha !!!ReplyCancel

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