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Happy Mother’s Day to my MOM : 2013

I don’t think I can possibly explain in a simple blog post how AMAZING my MOM is.  I don’t think my words or thoughts would adequately describe how wonderful she is or how much I APPRECIATE all the sacrifices she made for us.  My MOM is truly an AMAZING WOMAN & MOTHER.  Not all people can say that and mean it, but I DO.  My MOM took pride in being a mother and made sure that we were the most important things in her life.  Although I am only a mommie to a 4 legged child, I know that raising kids can be overwhelming.  I see it everyday with friends, family & clients even.  Being a MOM is a hard job and I RESPECT my MOM and any Mother who has chosen this path.

Anyone who knows my MOM can attest to her character, her commitment to GOD & family and that her life has not always been easy.  BUT through all her hardships . . . SHE stayed S-T-R-O-N-G.  There are so many words I could use to describe my MOM…beautiful, kind, talented, affectionate, wonderful, funny, amazing, smart …I could go on & on…BUT I guess one word that really stands out to me is the word STRONG~!!! My Mom is a STRONG woman.  She has set an example for me and inspired me to be strong.  She has never given up, even when her journey was difficult.  Her story is not mine to tell, but those familiar with her life know that a wreck in ’75 changed my MOM’s life forever, but it did not break her spirit.  Maybe one day I’ll share her story with her permission, but for now I can say that SHE IS STRONG.

THANK YOU MOM for raising me to be good & true & kind & humble.  THANK YOU MOM for being an example of an amazing woman.  THANK YOU MOM for never giving up.  THANK YOU MOM for being STRONG and WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL, INSIDE & OUT.  THANK YOU MOM for being the BEST MOTHER a kid could ask for.  I am BLESSED and I THANK GOD EVERY DAY FOR Y-O-U~!!!!!!!

I talked my MOM into getting in front of my camera.  Here are a few photos of the beautiful lady that gave me life . . .


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