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help-portrait savannah

It’s about giving back.  It’s about caring about others.  It’s about sharing your time & talent.  It’s about helping.  It’s about community.  It’s about putting a SMILE in someone else’s heart.  It’s called HELP-PORTRAIT and it was founded by a photographer named Jeremy Cowart.   The date : December 4th…a day to give back.  The concept is simple.  Find SOMEONE in NEED.  Give them a reason to SMILE by taking their photo or their family’s photo, giving them a portrait and asking nothing in return. CLICK HERE and watch the video to get a complete understanding of “the movement” to change the way photography impacts the world.  GIVING-SHARING-CARING…it’s that simple.

Saturday DEC 4th, I had the honor of spending the day with other photographers in my community that all volunteered to participate in a HELP-PORTRAIT day in our community.  The organizer, Jared Gunter put together an amazing group of volunteers for the day.  I don’t want to leave anyone’s name out, so I will simply post of photo of the volunteers below.  An INCREDIBLE group of people that I am now PROUD to call my FRIENDS!  It was a day of overwhelming happiness and togetherness.  With all the bad that we see in the world, it was a BLESSING to see such wonderful people giving of their time & talents to help make others SMILE.

Special THANKS to the Savannah Baptist Center for providing us the space to use.   Also thanks to our local Chick-fil-A for providing food and a big shout to our local TV station, WSAV for coming out to cover the story.  It was a day FULL of blessing for us all.  I’m already looking forward to next year.

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