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Huxsie Scott : Savannah Jazz, Gospel & Blues Singer

Her name is well known, her powerful voice will send chills down your spine and she is respected as one of the greatest artists to sing & perform in the south. She has a gentle soul and a kind heart.  She has celebrated much success, as well as overcome troubles & trials.   But her inspiring story & testimony is not mine to tell.  What I will say is that she is one of the strongest women I’ve met.  She’s one of the most captivating performers I’ve seen.  And she holds the power to bring audiences to their feet . . .clapping, cheering & singing along.  Whether she is singing Jazz, Blues or Gospel songs, she knows how to rock the stage.  I was blessed to meet her some years ago and I was lucky to recently do a short photo session with her.  Here is the beautiful and talented Ms Huxsie Scott. Savannah’s beloved Woman of Song.

Hello Gorgeous!

This is one of my favorites.  It could be the beautiful Ms Huxsie Scott, or the old wood bench in the park, or maybe the spanish moss hanging in the background.  All these things remind me of Savannah and this photo captures them all.

Even though I really love the black & white photo above, I thought the color photo was as gorgeous.  A mix of colors always makes me smile.

I had to take a photo in front of the fountain at Forsyth Park, just because both Ms Huxsie Scott and the fountain are icons of Savannah.

As we were finishing the shoot and walking back through the park, a voice called out from behind . . . “Ma’am, excuse me.  Ma’am.”  We turned to see an elderly gentleman across the walk area.  He immediately asked “Are you Ms Huxsie Scott?” It was getting dark and I didn’t know how he could have possibly recognized her from afar, but he did.  She answered “Yes sir, I am.” and then he smiled so big at us.  “I saw you sing many years ago and I know that no angels in heaven could have sounded more beautifully than you as you sang…” Ms Huxsie humbly blushed and thanked him for his kind words.  He waved good-bye and walked on.  I wasn’t at all surprised that her voice had touched him so deeply and years later he remembered her with such excitement.  I still remember the first time I heard her sing.

Dear Ms Huxsie.  Thank You for sharing your beautiful self with me.  I feel lucky to now call you a friend.  Thank you for the coffee and all the great conversation.  God has given you such a gift of song.  I hope you truly know how many lives YOU TOUCH when you sing!  Your smile and gentle heart are so welcoming.  May God continue to bless you on your journey in life.  With love & prayers, cassandra

  • Evelyn Dandy - Huxsie..So proud to know that you are appearing with Jonathan Butler–my favorite singer of all time! We have seen him on all the Smooth Jazz Cruises for the last 14 years. I and two others had an interesting conversation with JB in the steam room of the Holland America ship the just this past January. He was telling us about the new song he is about to write. His Gospel Hour on the cruise is one of the most popular event every single year! We talked about the Holy Spirit, and isn’t it providential that he is performing in Savannah the Sunday we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. What an amazing performer God has given you the opportunity to connect with! We cannot wait to see you on Saturday evening.
    Evelyn DandyReplyCancel

  • Mama - Angel, She truly is a beautiful lady, and may she always use her God given talent to honor Him. Great Job — God BlessReplyCancel

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