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Kari + Johnathan : Savannah Engagement : Wormsloe : Isle of Hope

This is Kari and Johnathan. They were set up by friends, who later got pranked by them on the first date.  If you know Kari & Johathan, you would understand the humor they share and you would quickly realize no two people were more perfect for each other.   Johnathan & Kari gave me a recap of their first date and how they played a joke on the friends that set them up.  A double date that would set the tone for their relationship.  Kari had talked with Johnathan extensively before they met and the two of them decided to make their friends sweat a little.  They started the date, barely talked at first and purposely set far away from each other in the car.  To top off things and make their friends really believe the date wasn’t working, Johnathan even sent an SOS text.  “help…save me”.  At this point, the friends were in a panic, they had a plan to fake being sick to end the date.  Never did they think that two people so alike & so wonderful & perfect for each other could be so miserable together. Then finally when Kari & Johnathan could hold the laughter no more, they confessed to their friends their little prank.  And they admitted that they actually DID like each other.  This was the beginning of the good times ahead.

I am blessed to be shooting their wedding this year and after capturing so many gorgeous photos on their engagement shoot, I am super excited about the wedding day. Mostly, I love that these pictures truly show their personalities together and the love they share.  Thank you both for being soooooo very awesome for my camera.

We started the shoot at the historical and beautiful location at WORMSLOE.  This was a perfect spot to begin the engagement shoot, since Kari grew up only miles away.


If I had to describe this engagement session with just one word, I would choose the word “LAUGH”.  Simply because 90% of the time that is what we all did.  They laughed, I laughed and it was fun.  I am happy to say that only a few photos were blurred and only a few got recomposed because I moved my camera from laughing.

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Just for fun, I asked Kari if she could “rock it” like a model for a few shots.  And I must say she DID.  Grrrrrrr . . . You Go Girl!  I LOVE IT!


Of course she started laughing when I started telling her to “WORK IT” . . . On a side note, this is now one of my MOST favorite images from an engagement session ever!  I am in love with this photo because it has so much emotion and it shows how much fun she was having, as well as Johnathan smiling in the background.

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If you’ve visited Savannah or live here, I am sure you’ve made the drive to see the beauty of the oak-lined drive at Wormsloe.

After Wormsloe, we headed to the marshes to take a few more pics.

Girl . . . You are GORGEOUS & FABULOUS!


I like the  way you guys laugh together.


I admit that I am usually very entertaining on an engagement shoot.  I like to interact and have fun with my clients.  But I must say that Johnathan insisted on battling me for being the funniest.  That was OK with me because I got to see just how much he makes Kari laugh and I loved it.


The story behind this shot is funny.  We were on a moving dock.  Me and all my camera equipment and Kari & Johnathan all dressed up.  AS you can see the dock move and WE all gasped.  There are more of these images in the slideshow.


But I did get a great shot.

A quick change into casual attire and we were off for more awesome pics.


Johnathan is not bashful about getting kisses from Kari . . .


It never failed.  I would nail a shot . . .

And then the laughter would come . . .

You guys are AWESOME . . .


This is a favorite.  Kari & Johathan have a scrunchie face that only they share.  I noticed them doing this throughout the engagement session and I asked them about it.  It’s their quite way to say “I love You”.  So needless to say, I had to snap this photo!



Sitting on the dock of the marsh . . .

This would be a photo that got “recomposed” because I was laughing with them.  But I love this pic so much.

It’s when the sun is setting and you are holding the one you love that you want time to stop.  So happy I froze this moment in time for Johnathan to always remember this awesome feeling.


This was one of the last images before the darkness overwhelmed us.  It ended up being one of my favorites.  You guys are simply too CUTE 2-GET-eeeeER!


I’ve been doing these slideshows as a courtesy for my clients for about 2 years now.  I always get the most positive feedback from bride & grooms and even their parents, especially the Moms.  It’s just a way for me to share more images from the ENGAGEMENT SHOOT that I do not blog above.

Click here to see the fun of KARI + JOHNATHAN’S SLIDESHOW.

  • Lindsey Craddock - These pictures are AMAZING! I know Johnathan from church! Kari is just gorgeous & they look so great together!!! I really enjoyed getting to see these pictures!! 🙂ReplyCancel

    • cassandra-m - Ahhhhhhhh….Lindsey, thanks for u sweet comment. They were so much fun to photograph…ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Dyal - We did a good job of setting them up. They are too perfect together!! I love these pictures! They really capture them wonderfully.ReplyCancel

    • cassandra-m - ha ha…LOL. Hey girl….YOU are the Samantha they were talking about. Nice to meet ya 🙂 and yes, you guys did good.ReplyCancel

  • Damaris - Beautiful!!ReplyCancel

  • Mama - Angel, What a lovely couple, so happy looking & I really, really LOVE her dress, Excellent Job — God BlessReplyCancel

  • Anna - These are great Cas! As always!ReplyCancel

  • Barbara Pearson - I cried when I watched this. You did an amazing job, I love it! We lived next door to Kari when she was little and are so happy for her. Thanks for sharing this … love it!ReplyCancel

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