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Ft Zachary Beach | Kyte Family | Key West Family Photographer

Meet Paula, Nate & their kids.  Along with Nate’s parents, we had a so much fun at Ft Zachary Taylor.  Although it was a little hot, you would never know with all these smiles.  Here are some of my favorites from their Photo Session.

Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0001

Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0002

Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0027

Two beauties~!!! Love this photo.

Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0004

This next photo just makes me laugh at loud.  I always seem to get the weirdest responses from small babies when I call their names.  This happens a lot.

Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0005 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0006 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0007 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0008 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0009 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0010 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0011

Just a simple moment between a Dad and his little girl . . .


Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0013

I love these next two photos because it truly captures what happens behind the scenes on a Photo Shoot.  Pulling hair “does” happen between siblings, more often than you think . . .

Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0015 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0016

Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0017

Three generations fist-bump . . .

Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0018 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0019 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0020 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0021

Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0022

Rocks are FUN.

Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0023 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0024 Key West Photographer_PSK_IMG_0025

Thank You Paula, Nate and Family.  I had a blast with you guys.

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