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networking and winning

After an absolutely AMAZING mini vacation in Key West, I returned home after being in the car for nearly 14 hours, took a shower & grabbed a few hours sleep.  Later, as I made my way through the week’s accumulated mail, I found an invite to a local networking event that was scheduled for that afternoon. I am trying to be more active in the community events and meet other small business owners, so I really wanted to go.  The event was being sponsored by three local businesses and even though I only had hours to RSVP, I knew it would be a great opportunity.   Thanks to Mr Fred Howard of (the Payroll Center, Inc.) PCI, also to NuBarter and finally the Grapevine Bistro & Wine Bar for truly putting on a “spectacular” event.

While there I met another local photographer, who was wonderful.  Her name was Jamie Weaver and she had a PHOTO BOOTH that was tons of FUN and enjoyed by everyone who attended.  I even jumped in and before you even see the photos below, PLEASE excuse my scariness.  I was running on basically no sleep and my hair had not been washed in 8+ days.  Hilarious . . . I look like I am in pain in the first photo.  I am not sure what kind of funny looks I was going for, but in my defense I was very tired.  LOL.  She even had props.  Hummmm . . . a boa and a clown nose . . . what was I thinking?!?!?

A highlight for me was winning this BEAUTIFUL candy bouquet.  I never win anything and I almost didn’t get this because I wasn’t paying close attention to the #’s being called.  However, after they repeated the numbers for the third time, I realized I had the winning ticket!  YEA for me!  This beautiful candy bouquet was created by Ed & Dawn Tolliver of the CANDY BOUQUET right here in Savannah, Ga.  Definitely check out their website @ The Candy Bouquet to see some “delicious” looking arrangements from a variety of candy.

Front . . . back . . . left side . . . right side . . . CANDY EVERYWHERE!

I am so happy to have met some wonderful people and I look forward to networking again soon.  Until then I will enjoy some candy!

  • Ed Tolliver - This is a great site. You have done an amazing job getting the bouquet to POP. We have professional photographers at corporate that can’t do half the amazing job you did. WOW. For anyone in doubt about you’re ability, DOUBT NO MORE. These pictures are excellent. I’m glad you enjoyed the bouquet.ReplyCancel

    • cassandra-m - Aaaaahhhh…Ed. THANK YOU so much for your kind words~ It was so wonderful to meet you. I look forward to stopping by your Candy Store :))))ReplyCancel

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