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Savannah Engagement : Forsyth Park / Riverstreet : Mariah and Medgar

Normally I meet with clients before we both make a commitment, but this was not the case with Mariah & Medgar.  At the time Mariah began planning her wedding they lived in Tennessee.  We communicated through email mostly and spoke once on the phone.   We just connected so easily when we talked and I secretly hoped & prayed that they would book me.  They did.  After talking with Mariah about her wedding, I knew I was going to love her as a bride.  And I do.

I met Mariah earlier on this day to do her bridal shoot and can I just say OMG OMG OMG!  Oh my gosh!!!!! (With extra exclamation marks because she was that GORGEOUS.)  It was the first time I met her and I must say my jaw dropped.  I can’t wait to share her bridal portraits with everyone, but not until after her wedding.  (hee hee. soon though)  But until then, I am more than HAPPY & EXCITED to share the photos of Mariah and her fiance, Medgar.  A beautiful couple (inside and out).

Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement shoot . . .

I know it can be difficult getting in front of my camera when you’re not use to having your photo taken.  However, these two make it look super easy.

This is one of my favorite images in front of the fountain at Forsyth Park.  (I must admit Mariah was a natural when it came to posing.  She made my job easy.  Girl, you rock!)

Mariah has a beautiful smile and a great laugh.  Photos like this make me smile as well.

Funny story about the next series of images.  I wanted to get a couple action shots of Mariah spinning into Medgars arms & then he would dip her.  It sounded easy until we all started laughing and couldn’t contain ourselves.  They tried a couple times and I found that it was more fun to photograph the bloopers of how things didn’t work out.

Finally we just gave up and Mariah, still laughing, collapsed into Medgar’s arms.  This image is a keeper.

Everyone must get a photo on a park bench in Savannah.  It’s part of the charm of our city.

I like to give my clients time during a shoot to interact casually, allowing me to get some candid images.  Medgar & Mariah were taking a moment to talk.  So happy I got a quick photo.

A change of outfits and we headed down to Riverstreet for some last photos.  The sprinklers had been watering the grass so I had to search for an area that was dry.  We found a small patch of grass that worked perfectly.

I snapped this photo because of the very cool necklace that Mariah was wearing.  Turtles are awesome Mariah.  I have a turtle pin myself.

You both make my camera very, very HAPPY!

I love this photo of Mariah laughing . . .

An old bench, a cool tree & part of the Riverstreet brick wall . . . win win win.

Just for fun, we stopped here for a couple photos.  The word “SAVANNAH” is showcased beside a drawing of Savannah’s Waving Girl.

I try to always search for different areas around the cobblestone streets.  I love the stone walls.

luv . . .

On the way back to the car, I spotted this huge bush with these white flowers.  Awesome!  Needless to say, I was happy that we ended the shoot here.

*Info added : My Mom saw this post and emailed me that she thinks it is called an Oleander Bush.  I googled it of course, because I love to google . . . and I believe she is correct.  It’s an Oleander Bush, instead of a “huge bush with white flowers”.  ha ha.  Thanks Mom.  You know I am not good with flowers names.

A last photo and a favorite of mine . . .



  • Alex - Wow, Cassandra, these are beautiful. What a gorgeous couple – they will make beautiful babies 😉 My absolute favourites are 2, 5, 6, the middle image of 7, the last image of 8, 9, 11, 14, 18, 19, 27 (LOVE LOVE LOVE 27!!!). Keep up the wonderful work!!ReplyCancel

  • Mama - Ravishing, glamorous, attractive, & just plain beautiful couple, love ALL the pics & U did an amazing job — God BlessReplyCancel

  • Shannon Christopher - Really beautiful & consistent work as always Cass…& you’re right, what a stunning couple. Can’t wait to see their wedding images.ReplyCancel

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