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Shor Seafood Grill| Matt + Monica | Key West Surprise Proposal Photographer

There were secret phones calls, texts and emails….there were hours of research and months of planning to make sure e-v-e-r-y little detail was PERFECT.  I was absolutely blown away with Matt’s enthusiasm and excitement to plan the most amazing “Key West Surprise Proposal” he could.  Matt invested a lot of time and energy to make this a special night.

To his lucky fiancé, Monica, I hope I captured everything, so she can remember these special memories, the moment she said YES and all that followed…

Matt had SHOR Seafood Key West arrange for a private table & private dining on the beach area overlooking the water and the sunset.  Here are some of the photos that were my favorites.

key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0001 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0002

This is Matt, nervously on one knee, fumbling with the ring and asking the love of his life to marry him…

key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0003 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0004

She said YES~!!!!!!!!!


And then she spotted me stalking them with my camera.

key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0006 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0007

This is definitely one of most favorite images of all . . .


Tears and laughter…everything I expected.

key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0009 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0010 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0011 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0012 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0013 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0014 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0015 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0016 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0017



Awesome job Matt….You did it.  Two thumbs up, you blew her away~!!!!

key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0019 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0020

A few moments to call family . . .

key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0021 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0022 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0023

And this is Matt & Monica’s beautiful Key West Proposal Sunset.  It was breathtaking.  SHOR has a view of the sun setting on the Gulf of Mexico and it couldn’t be any more perfect for a Proposal.


CONGRATS to an amazing couple~!!!!

key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0025 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0026

And that ring….just WOW~!!!!!!!!!

key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0027 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0028 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0029

You guys made me SMILE so big to see YOU both so HAPPY~!!!!!!

key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0030 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0031 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0032 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0033 key-west-photographer-surprise-proposal-shor-restaurant-mp-img_0034

Final Sunset photo.  Thank You Matt for trusting me to capture one of the Most Special Moments in your & Monica’s Life.  I hope your family and friends can look at the photos and can sense the love & emotions you both were feeling.  It was absolutely magical.    Happiness, Good Health, Love & Laughter are just a few of my wishes…..and I hope you have a lifetime of wonderful and amazing memories like this.


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