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Skaja Family : Tybee Island Family Photographer

I was blessed to meet the Skaja Family last summer and photograph them while on vacation.  They were recently back to Tybee Island and we reconnected at Ft Pulaski for a few family photos.  This time of year is extremely hot and after several days of drenching rain, the mosquitos were out as well . . . Uggggggggg~!!! Sooooooooo a BIG HUGE THANK YOU to all of you guys for being so patient, so kind and enduring the southern heat and bugs for your family photos.  Here are a few of my favorites.


Sarah, Chris and BABY makes three~!!!! Congratulations to you both.  Dear Sarah, I am sure Chris will keep your baby laughing all the time.


Sarah is simply glowing and only a couple weeks left before she meets her new little one.  Much love and many prayers coming your way Sarah.


Phil with Jaxson and baby brother Mason, who has grown a lot in a year.

TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0004 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0005

love these next two photos . . .

TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0006 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0007

Mark and Linda . . . thank you so much for your continued support.  You both are amazing people and I am so happy we reconnected.

TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0008 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0009 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0010

Jaxson . . . you are adorable.

TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0011 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0012

Jaxson and Mason.

TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0013 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0014

Big bright silly glasses for funny vacation photos???? YES, why not.  Chris & Sarah.  Sabrina & Phil.

TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0015 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0016 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0017 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0018 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0019 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0020 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0021 TybeeIslandFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-m_skaja0022

SKAJA FAMILY : Thank You all again.

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