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Sydney : Welcome to the World

Sydney is the newest member of the Johnson Family and I was blessed to document some of her first photos.  She has already won my heart and become a favorite of my camera.  I normally do not photograph babies, but I am so happy I took this challenge.  A cute little girl, tutus, fabulous headbands, feathers and even some pearls were part of the shoot that day…FUN~!  Sydney is unbelievably beautiful and because babies mostly eat, sleep and poop, she was very easy to photograph.  I am excited to know I will get to document portions of her life, like I’ve done for her two brothers, BROOKS and BRYCE and of course her furbaby sister, Barkley.

Below are just a few of my favorites.   LOVE all these photos.

Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_002 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_003 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_004 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_005 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_006 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_007

DISCLAIMER : This next pose is sometimes referred to as a “Froggy Pose” and so cute when you see it.  NOTE to everyone : This is a composite photograph.  In other words two photos are combined to make each image.  Babies are normally NOT able to do this at such an early age and therefore it is suggested you not do it, UNLESS you do it SAFELY.  There was only about 2 minutes of shooting to get the images I needed and the Mom had her hands on Sydney at all times during taking these photos.  Her hands were never taken off the baby.  I had Anna hold Sydney’s chin up while I photographed the top of her head & her hat.  Then I had Anna safely hold Sydney’s little head while I photographed the bottom half of her face, including the eyes, mouth & hands.  I took the photos into “Adobe Photoshop CS6” and basically combined the two images to make ONE final photo.  I did this for the image on the left and the image on the right.  I spent hours and hours watching YouTube videos of Professional Baby Photographer’s explaining the SAFE way to accomplish the “froggy pose”.  Whether you are a professional photographer, an amateur, a hobbist or simply a parent taking photos…MY advice to anyone is NOT to try this unless you have watched numerous videos and feel comfortable doing this.  The end result is adorable, but not worth the risk of hurting a baby to get it. So please please please take care if you attempt to replicate the “froggy pose”.   Anna and I very thoroughly reviewed the safe way to do this before I shot this pose.  The end result here, I safely got Sydney looking adorable in the Froggy Pose…


And now on to more easy photos where babies just lay and smile or sleep . . .

Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_008 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_009

I feel in love with this deep purple tutu and feathery headband.

Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_010 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_011 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_012

I love all the bright colors, but a few images I converted to a creamy black & white toning and loved them.

Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_013 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_014 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_015 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_016

Yawning . . . adorable.

Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_017 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_018

In the left photo I caught her smiling.

Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_019 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_020

I kept this one just for fun.  Is she sticking her tongue out at me or just hungry?  It’s a silly cute photo, so I kept it.


And of course Barkley got to borrow a tutu and flower for some pics.


SISTERS . . . Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_023 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_024

A short mini session with Barkley.


Every girls loves hair flower and pearls.

Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_026 Savannahbabyphotographer_cassandra-mphotography_sydney_027

A final photo with the big brothers, Brooks and Bryce.


Welcome to the World little Miss Sydney Elizabeth.  I look forward to capturing your beauty for years and years to come.  xoxoxoxoxoxo

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