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event cards for brides & grooms

I blogged about the topic of EVENT CARDS last year on my old blog, but I wanted to update the information for any new brides & grooms or potential clients.  These “event cards” are complimentary from me and the amount of excitement they create is worth it.  Not only do my clients love them, but I’ve had numerous guests approach me at the reception with their compliments and kind words.

These small cards 2″ x 3″ can be made vertical or horizontal and fit easily into a small purse or wallet.  As a personal touch, I always include my bride & groom’s favorite image from their engagement shoot.   Along with the photo, the cards have all the necessary information for accessing their online wedding gallery.  Guests can go to the link and sign up their email, its free.  Once the photo gallery is online, my lab will send an email notification to all the people who’ve registered.  This completely takes the stress off my bride, groom and their parents of having to notify friends & family of the photo gallery link.  My past brides have raved about this, so it is a must at every wedding I shoot.  If it makes my brides & grooms happy and makes them smile….it makes me happy & smiley too.

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