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Fallows Family

I recently got a chance to photograph some adorable little girlies.  Kailyn (right) and little sister Aubrey have welcomed a baby brother into their family.  We all got together to take some family portraits, but first I had to grab a few images of these cuties.  Cowgirl boots, beautiful dresses, big smiles, blonde silky hair and a great backdrop with old barns.  [Thanks to their Mom for finding a perfect location to fit the rustic style of the shoot.]  It was so much fun.  Here are a few of my favorites.



Their boots and dresses were PERFECT . . . so CUTE!


The Fallows Family has expanded : Chad, Shelley, Kailyn, Aubrey and new baby Hudson . . .

SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_003 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_004

A red wagon wheel . . . a photo must.

SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_005 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_006 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_007 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_008 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_009 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_010 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_011

Shelley brought a cradle that her Grandfather had handmade.  It was amazing in front of the wood stack.  Here is Kailyn and Aubrey with baby brother, Hudson.

SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_031 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_032


I love the backdrop of these photos with Shelley and Hudson.

SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_015 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_016

I love this pic in color, but choose to share it in my creamy black & white toning.

SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_017 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_018 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_019

I love all these of Shelley, Chad and Hudson . . .

SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_020 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_021 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_022

Love this pic of Hudson in the cradle . . .

SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_023 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_024 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_025

A few last photos on the blanket was a great way to end the shoot.

SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_026 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_027 SavannahFamilyPhotographer_cassandra-mphotography_fallows_028

THANK YOU Shelley & Chad for trusting me to capture these precious family moments.  love & appreciation. cassandra-m

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