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Jared Platt Workshop : Lightroom Workflow Workshop : Savannah, GA

I always welcome any opportunity to educate myself further or be inspired by another photographer.  Both these things happened earlier today.   I was blessed to be able to attend a workshop in Savannah given by a very knowledgeable & successful photographer/teacher/instructor/artistic & just a very cool guy . . .  Mr Jared Platt.  He travels internationally teaching workshops and lecturing to professional photographers, amateur photographers, hobbyists, enthusiasts and others. Jared was in Savannah sharing his love for photography and giving one of his “Lightroom Workflow Workshops“.  For over 8 hours, he thoroughly covered Adobe’s Lightroom software inside & out, while keeping the class fun for everyone.  He shared how to integrate a faster photography editing/post-processing workflow by using this Adobe software.  Although I’ve been using Lightroom for about a year now, I was excited to refresh my brain and pack some more information in it.   There is always a part of my brain that thrives to learn more and yes, I learned a bunch of new stuff today.   Jared’s workflow techniques will most definitely benefit me & my business in the future.

And I liked him even more when he pulled out his MacBook Pro.

This will give you an idea of the amazing amount of information he shares at his workshop.  Just look at the board behind him showing an overview of what he would be covering.  It looks like something you would see in a Quantum Physics class, although Jared made things much easier to understand than Quantum Physics.

This photo is simply to show off the Rooster art in the background that was made out of glitter and sparkles.  Glitter & Sparkles?  YES . . . and it made me smile. Jared however is not smiling at the Glittery Rooster, I think he was smiling at some images he shared of his wife & little girl.

For any photographer who knows how insane editing can get, you will appreciate Jared’s rules to using Lightroom effectively and efficiently in your business.  I highly recommend that photographers who struggle with editing and time management check out his workshop :!

Thanks Jared for coming to Savannah and sharing your knowledge.


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