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Levy Family : Hilton Head Island Photographer : Part Two

More photos of the Levy Family.  They are all secretly NINJAS, except for Damon (middle at bottom) I think he is more of a surfer Ninja.  I had the pleasure to capture a rare moment of them showing off their Ninja skills (ha ha ha).


The story behind these fabulous black turtleneck photos?   Years ago when Damon, Nicole and Danielle were small kids . . . their parents, Richard & Beth, made them take family photos dressed in black with black turtlenecks.  These are the kind of photos that would embarrass any teenager, however over the years it became a family joke.  The kids wanted to surprise MOM & DAD with similar photos.  I really hope these photos don’t end up on “awkward family photos” . . . ha ha.  BUT I don’t think they will because honestly, I love all the final images.  This family was so cool about this part of the shoot, they all laughed and just enjoyed themselves.  To me the photos reflect happiness, joy and FUN, a really FUN Family ~!!!   Enjoy the Levy’s as they all sport some Black Turtlenecks.


I love this photo because their  dog, Jake, photo bombed us.   What was even funnier to me is when Nicole kept calling “Jake” and another person’s dog kept coming to her.  His name was Jake too.  Hilarious~!!


Love you guys~!!!



Barrett was such a trooper for photos, even though it was getting chilly.


This is their “mad” face expression . . . This one is for Damon.  In the black turtleneck photos they took as kids, Damon was frowning and mad in the pictures.  ha ha ha.



For Cameron’s entertainment the family all did a dinosaur roar.   Even Cameron joined in.  Roarrrrrrrrr~!


Richard, Beth and the Grandkids.


Josh and baby Cameron . . .


Cameron having fun with Dad.


Kathryn holding Barrett . . . HiltonHeadIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-MPhotography_LEVY_0045


Damon with Avery. HiltonHeadIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-MPhotography_LEVY_0047

Auntie Danielle snuggling with Avery.



Nicole + “baby on the way” with husband Josh and little Cameron.


Danielle, Doug and niece, Avery.  Love this kid’s blue flowered socks.  She truly has her own style.


Danielle snuggling with Doug . . . HiltonHeadIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-MPhotography_LEVY_0052

How cool is this family?  So COOL.  “Cheesy Guy Pose” . . .  YES~!!!!  and Thank you gentlemen for the laughs . . .


Mom and daughters . . .



The whole gang having a blast~!!!! HiltonHeadIslandFamilyPhotographer_Cassandra-MPhotography_LEVY_0055

Thank you ALL again for being amazing clients and making me LOVE my job so much.  xoxooxo. cassandra-m

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