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MADDIE at 3 YEARS OLD.  Just a beautiful little kid enjoying life on an island.  I met Lee and Maddie at Ft Zackary Taylor and it was magical.  This precious little girl stole my heart.

Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0005
Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0009 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0007The next pics are some of my favorites from the shoot . . .

Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0011 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0008 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0012 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0013 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0014 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0015 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0016 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0017 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0018 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0019 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0021 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0023

These photos of Lee & Maddie remind me to start 2016 LAUGHING and being HAPPY . . .

Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0024 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0025 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0026 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0027 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0028 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0029

By the end of the photo shoot, Maddie’s hair was wet and messy and Lee was so worried about the pics.  But I think beach photos and wind-blown hair are always some of my favorites.

Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0030

Love all these photos of Mother & Daughter . . .

Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0031 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0032 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0033 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0034 Key West Photographer_Kids_Sheehan_IMG_0035

Thank You Lee for trusting me to capture Maddie’s amazing personality at 3 years old.  I hope these photos will always hold a special place in your heart . . . xoxo. cassandra-m

  • Yvonne McDaniel - These are awesome pictures, so full of life & happiness & you caught it with your camera, Excellent Job. !!!!!ReplyCancel

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