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Merry Christmas 2013!

Merry Christmas to all my Friends, my Family, my Clients and my colleagues in the Photography industry.  I hope everyone has a blessed day that is filled with loved ones and lots of laughter & smiles.  Enjoy. Relax. Be Thankful.

Here are some Christmas photos of Mocha I wanted to share . . .

Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0001 Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0002

This year was more difficult than normal to get a photo of Mocha for my Christmas cards.  He wanted to look in every direction but at my camera.

Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0003 Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0004

As you can see in this series of photos, he wanted to look to the left, to the right, up, down, back to the left, close his eyes, back to the right again, etc etc etc….you get the idea.  It was very comical at times because I seriously think he was doing this on purpose.  Even with treats he was refusing to look at my camera.  So funny.  I did, in the end, get a GREAT Photo. Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0005 Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0006Still ignoring me . . . Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0007“Why are you taking so many photos of me in the jingle bell collar?”

Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0008 Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0009

Looking for the neighbor’s puppy . . . Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0010

looking for a squirrel . . .  Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0011

I love this photo with his little tongue sticking out.  If only he had looked directly at me, it would have been a perfect way to document his attitude during this photo shoot.

Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0013squirrels ????  Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0014 Cassandra-Mphotography_mocha_Christmas2013_0015

the end.  Hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY NEW YEAR~!!!!  xoxooxoxoxo. cassandra-m

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