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senior shoot : mark : part two

For the second part of Mark’s shoot, we headed to another area of the beach.  Although the sun was getting ready to set, I was still able to get some AMAZING photos.  You can kinda see some of the colors of the sky faintly in the background.  Because of my style of shooting, I am more concerned about my subject than the background.  I shoot with natural light and with my aperture as wide open as possible, usually at 1.2 when using my 50mm or 85mm lenses. I did get a hint of the color behind Mark, but again my desire is to have my client be the focus of the images.  Here are a few more of my favorites from the second part of the shoot.

Something about this image just screams “too cool for school”…LOL.  Do people still say that?  I guess we do.

A shot on the swing with a cool palm tree in the background.  Yes, I love shooting around the beach.

love this pic . . .

And I love getting close-up shots of clients.

Mark has the GREATEST SMILE, obviously . . . but every once in awhile I wanted a more serious look for Mark.  “Serious Mark” rocks too.

However, I think “smiling Mark” is probably more popular.

A big tanker ship was coming in.  It was just fun to take some photos with it in the background.

The beach always looks so calm and peaceful as the sun sets.

It was getting dark really fast, but I was able to get some GREAT last shots.

This photo I threw in for fun.  I was asking Mark if the water was cold and he politely said “no” . . . but I kinda think it was a little chilly by his reaction here.

This was the very last photo, as the sun had officially set 20 minutes earlier.  It was dark, but I shot at a very high ISO and got this GREAT last image.

THANK YOU . . . thank you . . . ThAnK yOu MARK!!!!  I had so much FUN on this shoot.  If I didn’t have bills, I would have probably done this for free.

*Disclaimer for other potential clients : I do have bills and therefore I do not work for free…ha.ha.

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